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How I Got Stuck After Climbing Down a 76 Story Building in Tokyo

This was some time ago, so excuse my memory, but when I was 20, I was given the opportunity to study acupressure with my Uncle in Japan. Yup, that's young me. Uncle was a doctor of both Western medicine and Chinese Traditional Medicine. He was a founder of a special acupressure technique,...


Why Does My Wrist/Elbow Hurt After Handspring?

Photo: Gmark Art I want to discuss in detail the biomechanics and technique of the bottom hand in what the pole community calls "handspring" and the rest of the world calls, "human flag". This is supplementary to the pole mechanics video on handspring found in this course HERE. The wrist...


"How Did You Start Touring Internationally and Teaching Pole?"

Where I've traveled. This is one of the most frequent questions I get, so I've finally decided to write the complete version of the story here, with personal pieces that I've never shared anywhere publicly, before. The parkour days Before Pole At the time, aside from being the owner and...


Is it Safe to Stretch Just for Better Lines?

Image: Brett Seeley Photography Model: Kira Nguyen In pole, training flexibility for the purpose of improving lines and obtaining certain moves frequently begins without a full understanding of what is being stretched. So, how do we choose what tissues to stretch, and what are the cost and...