Anyone can learn how to pole dance with intuitive progressions

Do you want to learn pole acrobatics, but you don't know where to start?

Have you been too afraid to try, or perhaps you just haven't had the right guidance?

Is it from the love of dance, flow, and the creative process that makes you dream of integrating dynamic skills?

Pole Ninja Tutorials seeks to become the best pole dance instructional site available, with an emphasis on flow and acrobatics.

Everything is taught progressively with safety in mind, first, and curiosity as a close second.

While Dr. Ken's Silent Tutorials exploring pole tricks, pole flow, and pole acrobatics is the most available content, Pole Ninja Tutorials is quickly expanding into:

  • Spoken physiology and pole biomechanics lessons based on Dr. Ken's background as a Doctor of Chiropractic,
  • Pole art that is focused on flow, fluidity, and sensation.
  • Pole Theory tutorials which focus on the concepts of pole rather than mastering individual movements for self exploration.

This will become the best resource for pole acrobatics for any pole dancer of any level and style as they learn pole dance. Anyone can pole dance; anyone can learn pole acrobatics and pole tricks.

Pole Ninja Tutorials is NOT meant to be a random assortment of pole skills. It is a roadmap to discovering your own pole potential.

PNT helps students know exactly where to start and where to go next, building their path based on their own desires.

Start Anywhere

Whatever your level, the tutorials have been designed so that there is something valuable to work on for just about anyone of any experience level.

-Mystique Pole Dance, Zurich, Switzerland-

Learn at Your Own Pace

Each tutorial is thoughtfully designed to make each progression feel natural before moving forward.

-Erial Pole, Reykjavik, Iceland. Photo by Garðar Ólafsson-

"You are Your Own Crash Mat"

A phrase I use often--often, if you "need" a crash mat, you aren't ready to progress, yet. Be your own crash mat and learn to trust your own innate awareness.

-Anthropology Workshop. Photo by Pole Ninja Photography-

Home of the original Silent Tutorials

Dr. Ken's story is perhaps familiar for many of you, too: though a student his entire life, studying everything from dance to martial arts, medicine to music, literature to photography, he didn't learn effectively from common methods of instruction (lectures and taking exams). Personal study, practical hands-on experience, and following his own muses have been his best methods of learning...arguably the most innate method of learning.

Dr. Ken's background in functional neurology and his lifetime of experience in teaching have further rounded-out his awareness that there are many ways of imparting information--especially in movement education.

Silent Tutorials are built from a method of teaching using the most universal method of imparting information--monkey see, monkey do.

Have you seen all the FREE Silent Tutorials available?

Foundations of Pole Acrobatics

Don't know where to start?

Who is Dr. Ken?

I've been touring and teaching pole internationally since 2014. I've now taught in over 35 countries.

I built my reputation on dynamic and fluid movements, but I'm proud to be known as an instructor for accessible and intuitive progressions.

Though it's true that I've competed, placed, and judged in numerous prestigious International venues, it's my background as a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Kung Fu and Parkour Instructor, and my lifetime of movement as what best qualifies my teachings.

I hope you can find these tutorials innovative and educational, and most of all, movement enriching.

Please be aware that all tutorials on are meant to be progressive, with the assumption that you are uninjured, healthy, and have mastered each step in order. As each person is unique, please consult your medical health care professional and/or your personal coach if you ever questions your ability to perform any activity within these videos.

By purchasing, performing, and using these videos in any manner, you are agreeing to take on full responsibility for your own health and safety, and and Kenneth Kao do not take any responsibility for any injury that may occur to yourself or to others due to activities during training, teaching, or otherwise related or unrelated, chronic or acute.