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Do you want a community of like-minded friends?

Do you enjoy games, creativity, and story-telling?

Most importantly...

Do you love cats?

The Pole Ninja Cats Chat was born from my desire to build community and connection during this time of COVID-19. We all need human interaction, and in this time of social distancing, we need more support and connection than ever before.

With over 90 members from all around the world, and over 30,000 messages to date, you'll have the chance to connect and converse with awesome and encouraging community members at pretty much any time of day.

Join this open chat and participate as much as you'd like. There are daily movement ideas, weekly dance cues, random sharing, and even holiday events.

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Weekly Movement Cues

Week 7

Weekly Movement Cues are exploration cues with a group sharing at the end of each week with a focus on freedance. Choose one or several. Feel free to participate!

Movement Cues Dec 13-Dec 19:

1. Choose a genre of music that you usually don't dance to, and see how it shapes your natural movement—but don't deviate too far from how you usually move! Find a way to integrate them.

2. Choose a prop to dance with. Can you make it seem like that prop was critical to the dance rather than just being a prop?

3. We've been focusing on freedance concepts, but this cue asks you to craft a series of at least 5 movements that flow together in a seamless way.

1 Min Video Sharing will be Dec 19.

If you deviate from the cues, that's okay too. There's no "wrong" way to explore.

**Pole Ninja Cats Holiday Event**

Have you ever heard of the "White Elephant" game?

The name, according to wiki, comes from this:

"...white elephant refers to an extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of. The phrase is said to come from the historic practice of the King of Siam (now Thailand) giving rare albino elephants to courtiers who had displeased him, so that they might be ruined by the animals' upkeep costs."

The game has several variations, but typically individuals come together, each with a wrapped gift. They go around in a circle, and they can "steal" each others gifts if the wrapping looks better or they are more interested in what might be inside.

In our variation, we're going to do a skills White Elephant game.

Summary: Each participant creates a SILENT TUTORIAL under 5 minutes in length (editing is allowed) on ANY skill they possess—be it baking a cake, juggling, cat costuming, or whatever. There are no rules to what may be taught, as long as it is done as a silent tutorial. These tutorials will be given a creative / misleading / totally random name by their creators. Once all submissions are accepted and published, participants will have one round of "stealing" of these tutorials. After you receive your tutorial, you'll submit your own attempt at the skill shown in the video.


There will be two winners, each with a bundle. The winners will be for:

🏆 The "best" Silent Tutorial Submission.

🏆 The "best" Student (This does not necessarily mean successful or capable—creativity matters)

How to Participate

1. Create a SILENT TUTORIAL for your chosen skill that is under 5 minutes.

2. Give it a creative / misleading / random name to hide its contents.

3. Send your video via DM to me, do not post it publicly to the group (make sure I confirm receipt).

4. 📅 Deadline for submission: Dec 15th

Important: When you submit directly to me, name your skill (video file) in a creative way. It could be a marketing name, a misleading name, or a completely random and unrelated name. This is all participants will see before they "unwrap" their skill and receive the final video.

The Stealing Process

1. A chart with the creative names will be posted in a pinned message with who currently possess each skill gift.

2. From here, you can DM me or Michelle to "steal" skills as your own based on their file names, trading yours for theirs, and the chart will be rearranged by either one of us to reflect the changes.

3. Each person only has 1 steal, though you do not need to use it.

4. 📅 Stealing will end on Dec 17th, 00:00 UTC.

5. Note: You may or may not end up with the skill gift that you originally opted to steal!

Submissions for Accomplishments

1. Submissions of videos, photos, audio, or other proof of your accomplishment can be posted anytime after receiving your video.

2. Please tag #Elephantintheroom2020 when you submit.

Voting Period

📅 Voting begins Dec 26th and ends Jan 3 and the top votes will win the prizes. In the case of a tie breaker, the prize givers will discuss in private and choose a winner.

🎁 What are the prizes?

1. Any Tutorial Course from my website (does not include "All of Dr. Ken’s Silent Tutorials").

2. Marlene is offering a custom image design for use however you’d like (even commercial use—just tag her on IG).

3. Michelle is offering a care package with 3 bars of soap with a balm, and (maybe) a bottle of essential oil, all wrapped in furoshiki.

4. Renee is offering a small print of one of her cat illustrations (Shown, but she has several so you can always ask to see more).

If anyone else wants to offer a prize, reach out to me and we can add to the prize pile.

Of course, all the tutorials once the game is over will be available for everyone to see and try, so anyone can try any tutorial they want, after Jan 3.

Big thanks to Marlene for coming forward with an idea. Michelle for editing the instructions, and Renee (and Michelle/Marlene) for joining the prize pools.

Community Resources

Pole Dancers Talk About Stuff Podcast

Lana is a host on a podcast called "Pole Dancers Talk About Stuff"

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Kinder Soaps

Michelle runs Kinder Soaps and is offering us a Coupon "PoleNinjaCats15" for 15% off.

Community Resources
TPB Apparel

Marlene designs apparel

and she's offering 15% off with coupon code "Ninja15". There's also a Pole Ninja Cats MUG!

Inanimate Dance Competition

Meri runs the inanimate dance competition which encourages acts of dance in any and all locations, with a 48 hour period to film, edit, and submit your masterpiece.