Join the Pole Ninja Cats

Do you want a community of like-minded friends?

Do you enjoy games, creativity, and story-telling?

Most importantly...

Do you love cats?

The Pole Ninja Cats Chat was born from my desire to build community and connection during COVID-19.

With over 90 members from all around the world, and over 230,000 messages to date, you'll have the chance to connect and converse with awesome and encouraging community members at pretty much any time of day.

Join this open chat and participate as much as you'd like. There are daily movement ideas, weekly dance cues, random sharing, and even holiday events.

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Community Resources

Pole Dancers Talk About Stuff Podcast

Lana is a host on a podcast called "Pole Dancers Talk About Stuff"

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Kinder Soaps

Michelle runs Kinder Soaps and is offering us a Coupon "PoleNinjaCats15" for 15% off.

Community Resources
TPB Apparel

Marlene designs apparel

and she's offering 15% off with coupon code "Ninja15". There's also a Pole Ninja Cats MUG!

Inanimate Dance Competition

Meri runs the inanimate dance competition which encourages acts of dance in any and all locations, with a 48 hour period to film, edit, and submit your masterpiece.