-Photo by Marlo Fisken

Thank you for taking the time to check out Pole Ninja Tutorials! For those who have no clue who I am, let me give you a quick overview of how this site came to be and where it will go.

I was a figure in the parkour world as one of the only traceurs that was also a doctor. I became a moderator on one of the larger parkour forums, and I wrote articles and received questions from all over the world on a regular basis.

I became a representative for safe practices and healthy training, and with my background in medicine, I helped develop the fundamental course structures for one of the largest parkour gyms in the world. For almost a decade prior to pole, I remained a Senior Parkour Instructor and a respected authority.

When I picked up pole dancing, I was already burnt out on being the health authority to a large community. I avoided offering my thoughts and advice; even though there were several areas in pole that could be improved, I remained in the background: advising for Marlo's instructor courses, the Elevated Teacher Training Courses, and editing various manuals and materials.

I've come full circle, recognizing the importance of the unique perspective I can offer, and while this site will begin with Silent Tutorials, there is much more in works to address pole from the perspective of an authority in several other fields.

I appreciate the massive support the community has offered me over the years, since I began pole in 2013. You can see on the map below the number of places I've been able to travel and teach at, and it doesn't feel real, even to me.

I am excited to share my accumulated decades of experience and study with the pole community...And who knows, maybe Pole Ninja Tutorials will include Photography Tutorials as well, someday.

If you're interested in reading about my pole story, I'm constantly adding to a blog that begins here:


Dr. Ken, Pole Ninja