Dr. Ken's Perspective began as an IGTV series, and it's grown popular as an IG long-form source of education.

The information within is related to health, and is strictly to be considered Dr. Ken's personal opinion. Much of the information may be considered debatable, contrarian, or non-traditional, but Dr. Ken will always strive to present the information objectively.

Eventually, this may become an introductory platform to future content related to healthy living, home-therapy, and education that does not fit into other categories on this website.

Dr. Ken plans on releasing 1-2 Perspectives every month. It is a free-to-join series with a suggested subscription of $1 USD per month.

Paid subscribers are encouraged to request topics of interest.

NOTE: This is likely to eventually become a paid course. Any subscriptions will remain honored, even after any price change.

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