When studying pole dance, many become focused on learning the next "new move"...

and then that feeling never ends.

This is not the philosophy of Pole Ninja Tutorials. While every instructor is unique and skilled in their own right, we all come from a place of love for movement exploration and the expression movement provides more than trying to accumulate certain skills.

All moves are similar, after all; everything is simply a variation of another thing, and "newness" is only in the impact it has to the performer or the observer.

Nadia is largely recognized for how "fresh" her movements are. You'll see the energy of her unique delivery come through, even in the most simple of skills. This course will not only teach you several "twists" that change how her movements feel, but you'll be inspired to add your own twists, as well.

Nadia’s Silent Tutorials are both floor and pole movements.

Ninja Flair

Nadia Sharif, The Twisted Ninja

Nadia began touring the world in 2012 to share her unique pole and movement skill sets after gaining much attention from her competitive routines. 

With a background in Electrical Engineering, she uses a scientific approach to share her movement knowledge. Using everyday movements like throwing or kicking a ball, to defining variables in physics equations, she sheds light on how we can all easily defy gravity.

Nadia is also the creator, designer, and painter for @TwistedMovement - an edgy and unique clothing brand. You can see some of her designs at https://TwistedMovement.com.

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