This is the most comprehensive entry-level pole acrobatic tutorial series in the world.

Important Note: Though this is the "Off the Pole" Bundle, all skills directly translate to pole acrobatics. I strongly recommend purchasing both Off the Pole and On the Pole Bundles as they are very interconnected, however I've kept them separate should you already have a background in one or the other. If you are new to all acrobatics and are making a choice between purchasing one or the other, I recommend the Off the Pole Bundle first.

Definition of acrobatics
1: the art, performance, or activity of an acrobat
2: a spectacular, showy, or startling performance or demonstration involving great agility or complexity
-Mirriam Webster

I am very excited to share this material. I've known that most the content thus far prerequisites fundamental skills, but I haven't had the chance to create anything with all my travel and touring and teaching...

...until now.

The complete Pole Acrobatics Foundations Bundle includes 76 tutorials which took 2 months of preparation and organization, filming, and editing.

These are the most important skills I’ve accumulated over decades of training, exploring, and teaching martial arts, parkour, pole, and chiropractic, amongst other disciplines. They are the skills most transferrable to acrobatic pole.

In my opinion, most of these skills should be required prior to studying pole acrobatics.

It astonishes me that so little time is spent on how to avoid injury when the industry commonly obtains such high level skills. So, even if you are already highly skilled in pole acrobatics and are teaching, teachers can also benefit just as significantly (or more) from the information. Teachers will more readily recognize the incredible VALUE of these skills.

It is important to read the following before purchasing:

1. The skills have been modified to better suit their pole-related techniques. This means that if I teach a cartwheel, it is neither in line with parkour or gymnastic methods of instruction, but done in a way that is most useful for pole skills.

2. Though these are "foundational", they are not necessarily "easy". In fact, a few are quite difficult. Please be self-aware and listen to your own body and level.

3. Like all Silent Tutorials, the content is presented in as quick and efficient a method as possible, but this does not mean that your own progress will take mere minutes. It is expected that practice and refinement of these skills are actively being pursued. Remember, you can replay as many times as you wish, and the platform allows you to slow the playback down to half speed.

4. The focus of these videos is not "lines". It is in the core technique. "Form" is important in the most practical sense, but please disregard the need to have perfect lines (pointed toes, straight legs, etc.) when you are studying. Early focus on good lines can distract from the base skills, and, as these tutorials often relate to safety, inhibit your learning.

5. These silent tutorials are NOT meant to replace formal instruction. A single video often represents at least one full class, if not several classes, in that related discipline. Each technique can definitely be broken down further and may need to be depending on your personal level. If the techniques do not "make sense", stay on the numbered progression that you are fully capable of, and/or seek out additional instruction.

6. These are not warm up or conditioning videos. It is expected that you do the proper warm up prior to beginning training.

7. The On the Pole Foundations bundle come with the assumption that you have taken formal classes, or have basic experience with pole already. Much of the material I teach is derivative of base technique, or requires momentum along with the base technique. Thus, it is not meant to be your first study in pole for most individuals. In general, I recommend having a solid invert as a measurement of readiness for completing these tutorials, but the information is progressive and useful for any level.

8. The skills presented, especially in the On the Pole Foundations Bundle, intentionally exclude easily available Foundational skills, such as Leg Hangs and Basic Inverts. When deciding what information to present, I chose the less common or less known versions of skills to teach.

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Please be aware that all tutorials on PoleNinjaTutorials.com are meant to be progressive, with the assumption that you are uninjured, healthy, and have mastered each step in order. As each person is unique, please consult your medical health care professional and/or your personal coach if you ever questions your ability to perform any activity within these videos.

By purchasing, performing, and using these videos in any manner, you are agreeing to take on full responsibility for your own health and safety, and PoleNinjaTutorials.com and Kenneth Kao do not take any responsibility for any injury that may occur to yourself or to others due to activities during training, teaching, or otherwise related or unrelated, chronic or acute.